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Repair of pumping equipment

    Pump equipment


    The failure of any equipment is always an emergency for service personnel. Even carefully worked out and executed preventive maintenance plans do not guarantee against breakdown at the most inopportune moment. As a result – simple equipment, loss of time and lost profit.
    But many of the factors that lead to emergency stops can be foreseen and prevented.

    Repair, restoration and modernization of various types of pumps, compressors, pipeline fittings – one of the directions of our company. Our specialists not only change the failed nodes and details, they scrupulously study the cause of the failure. Analysis of operating conditions of equipment, inspection of the chemical composition of metal and working media, allows to identify the causes of failure of equipment due to the destruction of metal and exclude them from the risk factors for further use. At the same time, the reliability of the machine after repair carried out by our specialists increases.

    Thanks to close business relations with organizations accredited to conduct physical-mechanical and physical-chemical research of materials, we can:

    • conduct non-destructive testing of welded joints;
    • mechanical testing of metals in production conditions.

    Thus, some of the emergency stops can be prevented. Our specialists are familiar with the most subtle features of operation and repair of pumps and compressors.

    We affirm that practically any equipment, with a creative approach, can not simply be repaired, but made more reliable and efficient, adapted to existing operating conditions.
    In a number of cases it will be more economically justified to restore and modernize already tested equipment, to give it new qualities through a balanced and creative approach, analyzing the shortcomings and eliminating them.


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