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Triple plunger pumps PT и Т

    Pump Equipment


    Units and pumps three-plunger crank PT and T are designed for pumping neutral and aggressive liquids, neutral to the materials of the hydraulic part with kinematic viscosity no more than 800 mm2/с (8 Ст) with temperature, depending on the version, from 243 К до 473 К (from -30 to +200 °С).

    ДThe content of solid non-abrasive particles in the pumped liquid is not more than 0,2 % by weight, Permissible dimensions, no more than 0,2 mm. Pumps and units are used in industries that require high pressures, including explosion and fire (for example, hydraulic cleaning of process equipment). It is also used as feed pumps for mobile, steam-producing plants.


    The three-plunger crank unit consists of an electric motor and a pump mounted on a common frame. Pumps can be operated with a drive from an electric motor, an internal combustion engine or a diesel engine. The pump and motor can be connected via a V-belt drive, via a gearbox or directly through a coupling.

    The three-plunger pump consists of a drive and a hydraulic part. The drive part contains a crankshaft for converting the rotational motion of the motor into a reciprocating motion of the plungers.

    Hydraulic part consists of hydraulic unit, plungers, stuffing boxes, suction and discharge valves, safety valve. The safety valve is adjusted to the nominal operating pressure, and, if necessary, the valve can be adjusted to a different pressure. The units can be connected to devices that regulate the engine speed.

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